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Female Shapewear and Male Shapewear

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Female Shapewear and Male Shapewear | Galshape

Neoprene Shaper Compression Vest Sports Black Waist Trainer BeltThe lack of popularity in previous years and the limited supply of products are now hot items in many stores. Shapewear has been accepted and used by many people. At the first time, Shapewear was just a pair of shorts, but nowadays, it can customize clothes, various colors, styles and sizes for people's various parts of the body. In general, Shapewear is synonymous with perfect lingerie for women. This understanding is one-sided. Shapewear is also suitable for men. It will bring great changes to men. Next you will see some men and women models, they are deeply loved. It is worth noting that they are consistent in the design concept, and some are surprisingly similar.

1#Spanx Women's Shorts and Spanx Men's Underwear

Shorts have a contraction and lifting effect on the abdomen and hips. They can wear a variety of styles of clothes.

Underwear also has a lot of plastic help on the waist and hips. Its unique short style, some of them are the style of Spanx shorts. We recommend it to ladies and gentlemen.

2# Ms. Cincher Waist and Buster Mens Abdomen

Waist Cincher specializes in designing hips with love. Make the waist and hips look thinner. At the same time can support the back.

The more fat in the abdomen can be absorbed by it, allowing the lower abdomen to look smooth while also giving back support. We recommend it to men and women.

3# Women's Underwear and Men's Underwear

For the buttocks, Ms. is more likely to choose to fill her underwear. It can give back filling while it makes it look very strong.

In terms of cushioned underwear, the styles of men and women are very similar. If it comes to the difference, it is the difference in style, mainly boxers or briefs.

4# women's vest and men's compression vest / T-shirt

The vest can provide a good tightening effect on any raised stomach area on the body. Most of the vests we think are worn inside, but some models can also be worn by ladies and choose to match other clothes.

In addition, the compression tank/T-shirt can also make stomach fat look smoother. It can be worn inside or under clothing.

This style, we recommend it for men and women universal style. We recommend it to men and women.

These are just some of the popular styles that are common to both men and women. In addition to these, there are many styles that can be applied to various outfits.

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author: GalShape date: 2018-06-20
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